Monitoring pool utilisation over a specific timespan provides the ability to analyse and determine if the existing pool of tracking numbers are being overloaded. Having your pool 100% allocated could potentially mean that some calls are not being accurately tracked.

If tracking pool utilisation reaches above 75% on a regular basis, adding more tracking numbers would be advisable in order to provide the extra capacity needed.

The example pool utilisation report below shows that the tracking pool is frequently above 75% utilisation and numerous times has hit 100%.

The Call Log Report is showing a Campaign called Website Tracking with a pool named Main Website and based on this utilisation, 2-3 more tracking numbers would be recommended.

Note: the Pool Utilisation tab will only appear once a Call Log is filtered by Campaign and then by Pool.

From the image above, we can see that we've filtered the reports down to the Campaign called "Website Tracking" and the Pool called "Main Website", and that's caused a tab called "Pool Utilisation" to appear at the top-right hand side of the dashboard reports. Click on the "Pool Utilisation" tab and you'll see an averaged pool utilisation across the timespan that was selected.   This pool is frequently hitting 100% utilisation, and as such, it is advisable to add additional tracking numbers to the pool.

  1. To monitor the pool utilisation, set a reasonable timespan (for example, last 30 days)
  2. Login to the Call Control Panel.
  3. Select Reports from the left-hand menu.
  4. Go to the Call Log tab.
  5. Choose a date range from the drop-down menu (e.g. Last 30 days)
  6. Choose a Campaign to filter by.
  7. Then choose a specific Pool to filter by.
  8. Go to the Pool Utilisation tab.
  9. View the utilisation graph to determine if the pool is over utilised.
  10. Add more tracking numbers as required (Refer to How to purchase tracking numbers for more details).
  11. Add the tracking numbers to the appropriate pool configuration (Refer to How to add tracking numbers to a pool for more details).

Note: It is recommended to review pool utilisation on a regular basis when the average utilisation approaches 50% and more regularly once it reaches 70%. Once website traffic starts to steadily increase over time AND pool utilisation increases to above  75%-80%, it is recommend to purchase 2 or 3 additional numbers early on to ensure over utilisation does not occur.