Having the ability for agents to identify each call is critical when providing a personalised customer experience.

The ability to override the Caller ID (CID) provides important call information visually to the Agent before the call is accepted.

When an inbound call is routed from the call tracking service, the default caller ID (CID) displayed on a phone is the callers ID or 'Private Number' if they choose not to display the ID. Using the callers ID gives no visual prompt for agents to identify a campaign call, this means they need to accept the call to listen for an Agent Whisper or a Press to Accept audible identifier if enabled.

The Caller ID Overstamp feature, when enabled, provides the ability to override the Callers' ID with a selected state based number. Each Call Route can have a CID assigned and then this number can be programmed into the agents phone and assigned to a particular contact. This allows a unique caller name to be displayed when the phone rings. 


The following state based numbers that can be assigned to a Call Route.

02 9199 7420
03 8692 4716
07 3085 9012
08 6169 5000
02 9199 7428
03 8692 4719
07 3085 9191
08 6169 5018
02 9199 7445
03 8692 4734
07 5676 7086
08 6169 5048
02 9199 7449
03 8692 4747
07 5676 7088
08 6169 5058

  1. Login to the Call Control Portal.
  2. Select Call Routing Profiles from the left-hand menu.
  3. Hover over the relevant Call Routing Profile from the list and select Edit.
  4. Select Enable Caller ID Overstamp.

  5. Choose the relevant Caller ID from the list.

  6. Select Save to save all changes to the Call Routing Profile.
  7. To test the Call Routing adjustment has been applied correctly, call the Campaign Tracking Number linked to the Call Routing Profile to check that the selected CID number is displayed on the agents phone.