Occasionally, you may find that Google might report a very small difference in the number of calls being shown in Call Tracking Reports compared to the number of calls reported in Google.

This difference can be caused by a number of factors including;

  • Differences in the conversion tracking window between Google and our Call Tracking Algorithm
  • Differences in the way first-touch and last-touch attribution is being reported between Google and the Call Tracking Reports
  • You have set First Touch Attribution in the Call Tracking Portal, and Last Touch Attribution in Google (or vice Versa)

The Call Tracking Portal and Google both run on very complex algorithms that include machine learning, and it is foreseeable that there may be the occasional difference between how visitors and callers are reported.
This fact doesn't mean that one side is wrong and one side is correct, it is simply an artefact of how the event was reported to have occurred.

If you find that there is a large difference (greater than 5%) between what the Call Tracking Portal is reporting and what Google is reporting, check the following points;

  • Ensure your pool configuration is correct, and ensure that ALL numbers on your website have been wrapped in the Call Tracking Portal span class and that the Call Tracking Portal JavaScript block appears on every page of the site.
  • Ensure that your first-touch / last-touch attribution setting is the same between the Call Tracking Portal and Google.  In the Call Tracking Portal, you can set this under Pool Configuration under the Website tab.
  • Ensure you have not used any pool numbers in any advertising other than in that web site pool.  Pool numbers should not be used both in a website tracking pool and statically on the site or any other media.