When viewing Call Reports, some calls maybe highlighted yellow and display multiple attributions. This occur when there is a high ratio of 'visitors-to-available-numbers' coming in to the tracking pool.

In this scenario, Call Dynamics will allocate some tracking numbers to multiple visitors and the algorithm can usually identify the different callers and visitors. In some cases, where the ratio far exceeds the algorithms capacity, the visitors it considers probable will be reported instead of nothing at all.

This situation is indicated in reports with calls that have an attribution as shown.

Calls with multiple attributions

In this case, there were multiple visitors and the algorithm was unable to tell two of them apart, so both have been reported.

Note: In many cases, this can occur from time to time without causing any major data or reporting problems for the client, however, if it starts to occur frequently, the pool utilisation should be monitored and additional tracking numbers added to the pool as required.