Calls that are reported with no Source Attribution can occur, however, they should not be common in 'online' call tracking scenarios where a visitor is being tracked by the JavaScript implementation on a website.

Occasionally, a caller might misdial a phone number and end up calling a tracking number from your pool without actually being on your website.

In this scenario, there is no website visitor information to attribute to the callers source and therefore the call is reported without a source attribution.

It's important to note that every call, tracked or not that passes through one of your tracking numbers will be reported.

If you find that a high number of calls are being reported without a source attribution, please follow the checklist below to identify the cause;

  1. Check that a tracking number in a pool hasn't inadvertently been used as a static number somewhere on the site.
    It is very important that in a website tracking scenario, the pool numbers are absolutely NOT used as static numbers somewhere on the site.
    The call tracking platform contains a very complex algorithm which manages the effective leasing and tracking of each individual tracking number in your pool across visitors and visitor behaviours on your website.
    Using a tracking number from your pool in a static environment will cause calls to be attributed with incorrect data or no attribution data at all.
    This is often seen where web developers create new pages or make changes to existing pages without realising there is a call tracking system implemented and they simply use the phone number they see on the site (a tracking number!) as the phone number.

  2. Ensure that you have not used a pool number on a static advertisement, banner, print media etc.
    If a tracking pool number is used in a static advertisement on a website, the best course of action is to create a new offline pool (e.g. a pool with a single number and no website data) specifically for that advertisement, then remove the number from the website tracking pool and re-add it to the new offline pool that was created.
    This will allow independent tracking of the success of the offline media as well. Ensure that number in the web site pool is replace by ordering a new number which can be done in real-time by following the  Tracking Number Ordering process.

  3. Ensure that at least one tracking source is enabled in the Pool Configuration.
    Have you turned off your tracking? Ensure that you Pool configuration has at least one call tracking source enabled (eg Organic, Direct, Paid Search, Referral..)

  4. Ensure that the JavaScript block and span classes are installed in the site template and that all instances of phone numbers displayed are wrapped by the span class.
    It is very important to ensure that the JavaScript block and Span classes are installed 100% correctly across your website. Don't forget about headers, footers, blog pages etc.

If you've made any adjustments to fix the points above, you should see the calls with no attribution stop coming in almost immediately if your fix has been successful.