When saving custom audio files to a drive and when uploading them to the portal it is important that each file can be identified for a number of different attributes.

To help with file naming, the following conventions have been provided as a guide;

A welcome message used as a caller announcement for Business ABC can be named as follows;

CAN - Welcome Message - Business ABC - V1.wav which is based on the following conventions;

[Category_ID] - [Description] - [Business Name] - [Version]

  • Category ID - Identification of the feature category it will be used with e.g.
    • CRW - Call Recording Warning
    • CAN - Caller Announcement
    • IVR - Interactive Voice Response
    • AWH - Agent Whisper
    • VMG - Voicemail Greeting
    • SVQ - Survey Question
    • SVH - Survey Help Tip
  • Description - Short description of the announcement e.g. 'Welcome Message'
  • Business Name - optional Business Name identifies files when multiple business are used
  • Version - optional version ID to allow identification of a specific file version when audio files are updated