Activating Call Recording is a simple process, and all call recordings will appear in your call reports.

Step 1 (optional): Upload a custom Call Recording Warning (we have a default one you are free to use) in the Voice Messages menu in the main Dashboard.

Step 2: Open up the Campaign, and then the Pool that you wish to activate Call Recordings for.

Step 3: Click on the Voice Messages tab (inside the Pool configuration window).

Step 4: Tick the Record Calls box

Note: you can elect to disable the Call Recording Warning if your phone system already alerts callers that the call is being recorded. Failure to notify the caller of the call recording may be unlawful.

Step 5: If you have uploaded a custom Call Recording, select in the Select Voice Message dropdown menu. If you'd prefer to use our default one, don't adjust Voice Message option.

Step: 6: Click Save.