Having the ability for a digital marketing agency you work with to directly manage your account takes the stress out of configuring call analytics and call reporting.

If the digital marketing agency you use is an approved partner organisation with us, you have the option to invite them to directly manage your account.

The process works by linking their account with yours for management purposes only (not billing) and works in a similar way to how you can invite your digital marketing agency to manage your Google Adwords account.

  1. Login to the Call Control Portal.
  2. Select My Profile from the left-hand menu.
  3. Go to the User access tab.
  4. Then go to the Reseller tab.
  5. Select Invite to create an invitation.
  6. Enter the primary email address used by the approved partner organisation.
  7. Select Invite to send the invitation.
  8. The approved partner organisation will receive an email where they need to choose Accept to link accounts.
  9. When accepted, the partner account will be linked to your account.
  10. The approved partner organisation can then login to the Call Tracking Portal and go to the Username dropdown.
  11. Then choose Switch Accounts to select which account  to manage.
    Note: The Switch Accounts menu will only appear when Reseller accounts have been setup.