Call Dynamics enables you with multiple methods of pushing calls into Adwords.  The most popular methods are via Google Event insertion into Analytics or direct conversion firing into Adwords.

If you find that your calls are not appearing in Adwords, try the steps below to rectify the issue:

Google Event insertion method

  1. Ensure that your website UA code is correct and that you have placed the UA code in the Call Dynamics pool configuration on the 'Website' tab.  We recommend enabling 'Offline Visitors' for this setting also.
  2. Ensure that 'Google Even Integration' is enabled in your tracking pool configuration (See the website tab)
  3. Ensure that you are not testing from the same computer and phone over and over again. Call Dynamics' algorithm contains methods to ensure data accuracy and if it detects invalid activity your event may not be fired.
  4. Monitor 'real time' Events and ensure that you see the event inserted in real time at the END of the call.
  5. For non-realtime events, remember that Google may take up to 24 hours to update its reporting.

Adwords direct insertion method

  1. Ensure that you have correctly entered your Conversion ID and Label. Use Copy/Paste to ensure no typos, and no spaces at the start or end of either the Conversion ID or the Label.
  2. Ensure that your test calls (or the specific calls you are looking for) have exceeded the time you set for "seconds before firing event".
  3. Make sure that you've allowed Google sufficient time to update the reports. This can take up to around 24 hours at some times.


Always test from a different browser, IP address and phone when troubleshooting for the best results. It is important to mimic a real website visitors behaviour, and they wouldn't be clicking on multiple ads, visiting directly, doing organic searches from the same computer with the same IP address and calling in multiple times using the same phone number in a short period of time.