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Call Dynamics Integrates directly with without the need for 'middle-man' software, and it is very easy to configure.

Before we get started, you'll need to gather some information from your account:

  1. Project ID
    The Project ID can be found in "Project Settings", and the field is called "ID NUMBER".   It contains the Customer ID and also the Project ID, separated by an underscore, e.g 111111_222222
  2. Customer ID
    The Customer ID is the part of the Project ID before the '_', so using the above example, our Customer ID would be 111111.
  3. Goal ID
    The Goal ID can be found in the "Goals Overview" by clicking on the name of the goal.   We'll need to create a special "Javascript Triggered Goal" called "Call Dynamics Call" within Convert.Com, and that's the Goal ID we'll use.

The information we gathered above needs to be inserted into your Call Dynamics tracking pool configuration under the 'Website' tab, and the ' Call Tracking' tick box should be ticked and the pool configuration saved:

Ready to test!

Now that you've configured everything correctly, open a fresh browsing session from another computer and navigate to your site. Ensure that you see a Call Dynamics tracking number, as well as the result of one of your experiments and make a call from a phone number you have NOT used to call a tracking number previously and ensure you see the goal appear in