To adjust where your calls are routed through to, just follow these steps:

1. Login to your Control Panel at

2. Select Call Routing Profiles on the left hand side menu

3. Once the duplicated profile appears. Hover you your mouse over the new profile and select Edit.

4. Under the edit profile it will either have your 1300/default number or company name, add today’s date.

5. In the white box labelled  Attempt Termination, you should see your existing answer point number. Click on this box.

6. Once you've clicked on this box, some new options will appear on the right, including the Destination field which should show your existing answer point number.

7.  Adjust your existing answer point number to your new answerpoint number.

8. Click the smaller Save button followed by the larger Save button

That should finalise your change. Now all you have to do is ring a test the number to ensure that you're happy with the new configuration.