Changing your voicemail is a two-part process - Uploading your recording, and setting it as your voicemail message 

Upload Your Recording:

To upload your recording, first you will need a create a recording. This can be done using the microphone on your computer, or by ringing your service and leaving a voicemail of the greeting that you want.

The first step is to ensure that the file is an 8khz .WAV file. The next step is to login to your Control Panel and follow these prompts:

1. Click on Voice Messages

2. Click the blue Upload Message button

3. You'll see a new window appear. Give your recording a title, and select the file on your computer.

4. Click the green Upload button. The recording should now appear in the Voice Messages list.

Setting your Voicemail Message:

1. Click on Call Routing Profiles on the left hand side

2. Hover your mouse over the 1300 number until an Edit button appears and click it. This should bring up a new screen.

3. Where it says Call Control, you should see a white box (not the blue box) labelled Voicemail - select that and you should see some options appear on the right hand side.

4. Under the Options menu that has just appeared, you'll see that is a drop-down box under Voice Message. Click that box and you should see your recording that you uploaded earlier.

5. Once the recording is selected, press the small Save button followed by the larger Save button.

Now that you have successfully changed your voicemail, all you need to do now is just to test it.