Step 1: Record an IVR Message that instructs the caller what options are available. Example: Please press one for sales, or two for accounts.

Step 2: Upload the recording to your portal by logging into your control panel, clicking the Voice Messages options and selecting Upload

Step 3:Now click Call Routing Profiles and hover mouse over default and click edit.

Step 4: When in the menu select the blue IVR Menu tile.

Step 5: Now we need to configure the settings. Press the Green '+' symbol to add as many options as you need, and add the phone numbers in the Destination field.

Step 6: Now set the duration of how long it will ring the number for in the Duration field (this is done in seconds). A good value here is 30.

Step 7: In the Button field, put a number next to each number that corresponds to the recording number. So if the recording says 'Press one for Sales,' put a '1' next to the sales number. 

Step 8: Select your IVR recording (from Step 2) in the dropdown box.

Step 9: Select the smaller Save, followed by the larger Save.

Please test your service to ensure that the service works as expected.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask for help.