Step 1: Record an IVR Message that instructs the caller what options are available. Example: Please press one for sales, or two for accounts.

Step 2: Upload the recording to your portal by logging into your control panel, clicking the Voice Messages options and selecting UploadPlease note: file must be an 8khz .WAV file.

Step 3: Now click Call Routing Profiles and open your Call Routing Profile (this is usually your 1300/1800 number).

Step 4: When in the menu select the blue IVR Menu tile.

Step 5: Now we need to configure the settings. Press the Green '+' symbol to add as many options as you need, and add the phone numbers in the Destination field.

Step 6: Now set the duration of how long it will ring the number for in the Duration field (this is done in seconds). A good value here is 30.

Step 7: In the Button field, put a number next to each number that corresponds to the recording number. So if the recording says 'Press one for Sales,' put a '1' next to the sales number. 

Step 8: Select your IVR recording (from Step 2) in the dropdown box.

Step 9: Select the smaller Save, followed by the larger Save and your done.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask for help.