Creating conversion goals in Google Analytics and Google Adwords

Custom Reporting in Google Analytics

In a web browser, open and login with the email address and password we provided you with

  • After logging in, go to campaigns, pool and select pool, enable ‘Google Analytics virtual page view tracking’;
  • Then Log in to Google Analytics, and click the ‘Admin’ link at the top:
  • Choose the Account and Property that you wish to create the goal for, and click ‘Goals’;
  • Create a Goal and select Custom, then click Next Step;
  • Set the Goal type to ‘Destination’ and the Goal Description to ‘Phone Call’ and click Next Step;
  • In Step 3, set a destination that ‘Equals to’ and enter ‘/artemis/livecall’ (or what ever you set the virtual page view URL to in Call Dynamics)
  • By clicking ‘Verify this Goal’ you’ll see the conversion percentage that this goal would have achieved based on data from the last 7 days.


Note: If you have only just enabled virtual page view, you may need to wait 24-48 hours for the data to be available in Google Analytics before this will register.


  • Finally, Click ‘Create Goal’

To see the goals in Google Analytics reporting, click “Behavior -> Site Content -> All Pages”, and use the search box, do a search for /artemis/livecall

From the resulting table, you can select a “Secondary Dimension” and search for “Keyword” (for example) and see the keywords that were connected to your calls.